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Hello! About Me...

My name is Kathy Cushman. I started doing event planning many years ago. I love creating memorable events. I never think inside the box. During the 2010 recession, I made the goal to become self employed. What a ride it has been! I took my 30 years exsperience in Corporate America to create a business. There have been a few rough bumps along the way but now, my company is more sucessful than I ever imagined. I am very reactive to the wedding market needs as I create a new niche, one price, one stop wedding decor rentals.

I owned "Vintage Tea Room and Restaurant" from 2010-2012. When it closed, someone suggested I could rent the Tea Room decor for weddings. I invested $1,000 in materials to make a few backdrops. Ive made lots of changes along the way to get to where I am today. I have the Largest Wedding Decor Rental Inventory in the State of Utah. Other decor companies specialize more in tables, chairs, linens, place settings, etc. I dont carry these items...Just Decor!

I have also been the Admin for Facebook Wedding Groups for 6 years. My group is with over 13,500 Utah Brides and Vendors, it has given me incredible insight to local wedding trends and needs, vital information to my business. I answer lots of questions on a wide variety of topics. Seriously, no wedding question is off limits. I love this group and the support it gives to Brides. The group was started by a Bride who saw the need for a brides group. I keep this close to my heart and use it to serve the Brides of this incredible group. My business as a traditional Utah Wedding Decor Rental company was doing fine. I was booking weddings, setting up, tearing down, just like everyone else. But in 2016, I realized it was so much labor and the average bride rerally didnt want to pay for set up and tear down. In 2017, on a wild, crazy idea, I decoded to put my inventory out there as a complete DIY solution. Pay one price and get what you need for your wedding. It is no big secret what you need to decorate a wedding. There are always twists, but overall, I came up with a blueprint based upon my experience. I started advertising as Utah Diy Wedding. My goal was to book 40 weddings for that year. In March, I visited one of the first weddings and took great pics. I posted the pics on an ad and it went viral. I had 50 brides contact me wanting to rent decor for their wedding. Instead of 40 weddings that year, I did 140. Its been a marathon race ever since.... If you have any questions, send them to me. I am happy to share my experiences with you. I love what I do. I love my brides.

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