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$495 Signature Collection

There are up to MANY Areas Decorated for a Wedding. 
I include all these areas
 (Guaranteed List)
 PLUS 3-4 Signature Items

You Pick Up & Return to Provo, UT.
Normal Pick up is Weds to Fri, Return by Monday 7pm.

Pick up is 2-3 days before your Event.
This can be adjusted based upon the event day of the week.


Entry Decor/Signage                              Card Container Decor/Signage             
Sign In Signage/Decor                                                 Gifts Decor/Signage             
Ceremony Supplies/Signage                                          (12)Centerpieces             
Cake Table Decor/Cutter                                       Drink Dispensers/Tubs             
Food Displays/Signage                           General Signage/Chalkboards             
(12) Lanterns                                                                              (2) Floor Easels             

Favors Container/Signage                                  Memory Signage/Decor             
Send Off Container/Signage                                                     LED Candles             

I include all these areas                                                         

PLUS 3-4 Signature Items                                                       



Three (3) are included with every Signature Collection

Pay in Full when you Book to get a 4th one FREE!
Additional Signature items are $60

Backdrop 35+ Choices
2 Vintage Buffets
2 Farm Tables
2 Pedestal Tables
3 Wine Barrels Table Tops Included 

Chocolate Teardrop Vases  (8) 18” + (2) 30” Vases
Sea Glass Teardrop Vases  (8) 18” + (2) 30” Vases
Black Teardrop Vases  (8) 18” + (2) 30” Vases
40’ Aisle Runner Rugs (6)
3 Faux Cowhide Rugs
200 Feet of Edison Lights
(12) Chiffon Runners
(36) Faux Pampas Grass 
(Cream, Brown or Black)
6 Ft + 3ft Floral Swag 20 Color Choices
Lighted LOVE Letters Barnwood, Off White, Champagne, Black
(12) Euc/Lambs Ear Wreaths
72 Ft of Faux Greenery
(8 choices)
(40) White Folding Chairs (160 avail)
(6) 8ft Tables (Basic White Folding)
Set of 3 Yard Games Cornhole, Jenga, Connect 4


ALL the items

on the Guaranteed List!

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